Clock’s winding down Racy.

Well, well ,well pups and kittens! Did you read my blog yesterday? Many of you have been emailing me and asking the same question. “Hey GD yesterday we saw a screen shot where Racy to the Banky claimed Viktor wasn’t LAG’s big cheese any more! So if Viktor’s out, whose the new big cheese?”

Screenshot where Racy claims Viktor is no longer president (for those who missed it)

Screenshot where Racy claims Viktor is no longer president (for those who missed it)

Relax boys and girls and I will tell you a story. It starts with an ineffectual little man named Racy to the Banky (or at least that’s what WE call him.) Racy, who by all accounts is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, got a little nervous when a woman from Massachusetts showed a little backbone and he told a bald faced lie! He claimed Ivan Jimenez Chicon was no longer president of LAG.

Now this isn’t unusual behavior for Racy, it’s really quite common for him to tell lies, he does it all the time. Take a browse through my archive and it will be painfully clear. So of course with Racy declaring Ivan was no longer LAG president we wondered whether or not the commonwealth of Massachusetts had been made aware of the change. We checked and just as we were expecting, this is what we found:

1012141_676954605696334_396103998_nThe Commonwealth of Massachusetts has absolutely no record of Viktor/Ivan EVER having withdrawn as president of LAG. To date he is still listed with the state as LAG president.

Okay so now that little mystery has been cleared up! Oh boy!

Racy why would you lie about Viktor/Ivan’s position in LAG? Why would you deny you illustrious leader was… well…your illustrious leader? Could it maybe be because out of all the LAG executive members listed above YOU are the ONLY one who LIVES in the US and will have to really answer for LAG’s transgressions?

The world will find out eventually I guess. In the meantime Racy…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock! Clock’s winding down Racy.

Gossip Dog